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Nici Red Creature

Nici Red Creature
£6.75 - £10.75
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  • Brand: Nici
  • Model: N38356
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Part of the Nici Creatures range, this fearsome red creature is sure to be popular for pretend play. The body and long tail are red with darker red patches, While the front is light grey in colour. Large dark grey spikes run down the spine of his back, with smaller spikes on his neck. The smallest 22cm size has a wide open mouth showing his teeth. The eyes are embroidered in yellow, very lizard like! May be Nici were going for a red Godzilla-like creature? While the plush is nice and soft, there's a nice level of rigidity to the body, allowing it to comfortably stand unaided in its menacing pose.

Subject to availability, the Nici Red Creature comes in 22cm, 30cm and 40cm sizes.
Note: Only 22cm size has teeth.

Nici size: 22cm 30cm 40cm
SRP: £18.99 £24.99 £35.99
Height: 22cm 30cm 40cm
Teeth: Yes No No
Recommended Age Range: 1 Year+
Washable: Machine washable at 30 degrees
Made In: China
CE Marked: Yes

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